Play Loop Rings #005 - Roller Coaster

$ 65.00

Inspired by mathematical rules, these simple yet deceptively complex two-finger rings encourage exploration and invention of ways of engaging with them.

The rings with round-section wire are fabricated by pressing brass through a CNCed mold. Following soldiering and hand polishing, the rings are finished with Rose Gold.

The rings with square-section wire are 3-D printed in wax, investment (lost-wax) cast with bronze and then hand-polished.  Copper in bronze can interact with hand lotion and the acid in the sweat, producing copper chloride, a harmless green substance that rubs off on your skin.  Bronze naturally tarnishes over time resulting in antique-like finish.  Use a jewelry polishing cloth to regain the original smooth shine.


Size & Fit:
Size 6, 7 or 8, using middle finger as reference.  

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