Horse Arriving Earring

$ 65.00

“Horses Arrive Success Follows” is a famous Chinese idiom originated from a story in Chinese literature about the first emperor Qin Shi Huang, who conquered and united China (and Chinese characters) in 211 BC.  The phrase meant “when the troops arrive, winning the war is sure upon us.”

The “Horse Arriving” earring contains the character “horse” in the form of the “little seal” script.  When the earing is worn, the character is upside down.  The idea behind the upside down character is based on a favorite Chinese pun: upside down = arriving.  The “Horse Arriving” earring is designed to bring “success” for the wearer.  The character is recognizable from one viewing angle only – bottom up!

Modeled with the aid of parametric software and 3-D Printed in nylon with a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine.  Fitted with hypoallergenic “925” sterling silver earring wire.  It is sold in single or as a pair.  


Product Dimension:

3" Long x 1" Wide (length is measured below the wire hook)


Available Colors:

Black & White

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