The Horse Ring

$ 75.00

The Horse ring contains the character “horse” in the form of the modern simplified Chinese script.   When the ring is worn with the character right side up, it's “One Horse Leading”, which means you are ahead of the game in your profession.  When the ring is worn with the character upside down, it implies “Horses Arrive Success Follows”, a famous idiom based on a favorite Chinese pun: “upside down = arriving”.

The black steel ring is 3-D Printed by depositing a liquid binder onto a bed of steel powder one layer at a time. The print is then removed from the printer and infused with bronze.  The steel ring may rust if exposed to water for an extended period of time.  Taking the ring off prior to handwashing is recommended.

The bronze ring is 3-D Printed in wax, investment (lost-wax) cast with bronze and then hand-polished.  Copper in bronze can interact with hand lotion and the acid in the sweat, producing copper chloride, a harmless green substance that rubs off on your skin.  Bronze naturally tarnishes over time resulting in antique-like finish.  Use a jewelry polishing cloth to regain the original smooth shine.

Available Sizes: 6, 7 & 8

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