From the Archive: Making the First Test for (working title) "Split Platform Boots" April 08 2014

From the basic block pattern created (see the basic block post here) for a new pair of lasts, a very simple shoe (right side only) made out of leather were created to test the fit.  The pair of lasts were sanded down in a few areas such as the toe cap and around the achilles.  The next step is to test it with a specific design I had in mind, using the materials as close to what might be used for production as possible.  The purpose of this step is twofold: one, to provide another opportunity for verifying the geometry of the lasts, two, to test the patterns for the first time of this specific design.  

The design features a band around both the upper and half of the platform.  The split platform was made out of a pieces of alder wood for its weight-to-strength ratio.  We are using a piece that is slightly defected with knots since this is only a test and it's only on the right foot.  After cutting the wood on the band saw, the platform is shaped to fit the upper.

Once the upper and the platform are glued together, the last was taken out of the shoe.  Taking the last out takes a huge amount of force.  Once the last is out, I was able to put the shoe on my right foot and walk around with it.  It was amazingly comfortable - Thank God!!!  We made a couple minor adjustments to the lasts.  The next step is to make a pair of them with adjusted lasts.  Hang tight!  More updates to come.